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Latest Update: Monday, December 11, 2000
Seasonal Changes with Gioia Bruno

Gioia's web site now features some holiday themed material. You can find a new page on the web site with a few photos from the first half of 1990 when Exposé recorded their Jingle Bells track for Barry Manilow's Because It's Christmas. The track is also available to listen to using RealPlayer. As an added bonus, when the page is loaded it will play Gioia's version of Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. This page may not be available permanently, so you should give it a visit before the calendar shifts over to 2001. So, you can view the seasonal page at:

Additionally, those who have written to Gioia or her assistant Jina recently should not worry if they've been slow in responding. Gioia finishing up the process of a move, so naturally things have been rather busy for them.

Previous News
Update on Gioia and Kelly

Really big apologies for not having anything in the news section up on the web site. There really hasn't been too much news, and some major work projects have distracted me from making changes to this site for quite a while. I hope to do more work on this site in the near future.

Gioia is currently finishing up a trip to NYC to record material in hopes of getting a record deal. She has been recording several tracks, including a song called Let Me Be The One which is not a remake of her old Exposé hit.

Additionally, Gioia's web site is previewing some new material by her, and Gioia is keeping everybody up-to-date on things that are happening via her web site,

For those wondering what happened to Kelly Moneymaker's web site, the URL is not working, there appears to be some sort of DNS error or setup error. However, you can reach the site through the Midnite Sun Records URL The page does not appear to have been updated for quite some time. Hopefully, Kelly is not having any problems with her web design team.

Gioia's first on line chat

Gioia had her first on-line chat on June 4th, 2000. It went well, and people asked plenty of Questions which Gioia answered.

Hi guys! Gioia will be doing a chat this Sunday night, June 4th, 8-10 PM EST in G-Chat on her web site. The URL is :

We hope to see everyone there! For those of you who can't make it, there will be a transcript of the chat available on the web site in the future.

If all goes well, Gioia is hoping to do a chat at least once a month. Remember that you guys can chat anytime you want, G-Chat is open 24/7 for everyone.

Since this is Gioia's first time in a chat room, we are asking that you guys please ask one question at a time. We will be keeping a list of everyone that enters the chat room and be calling at random one person to ask a question, Gioia will then answer and we will move to the next person. This is the easiest way to get everyone's questions answered, without total chaos! :o) Hopefully, as we keep having these chats it will become more relaxed and there will be no need for any formalities. Let's just have fun!

Kelly Moneymaker's site revised and updated.

Kelly Moneymaker's web site, has recently been updated. The site got a makeover, and is now linked to her husband's site as well. New features include a better style of graphic design, up to date pictures, and a chat room.

Gioia's web site is live!

Gioia's new web site, is live. Rich, the Primary site designer, had the following important things to say about the launch of "G2K" on the Epistle mailing list.

For starters, the site is still very...very new. Gioia, Jina and I were holding off on putting the word out for a number of reasons, the most important being that it was still under conceptual development. Since it is live and we will be keeping it live, you will see many transformations in the coming days, weeks and months. Please don't be alarmed if things don't work first time round...chances are if something doesn't work it is because you caught us doing some maintenance work...just check back later...

...Now a word about recording: Gioia has given me the track "Going, Going, Gone!" to put up on her website so that she can share her work with you all. It is available on the site and will be until further notice. It is still a work in progress and is being re-worked and re-mixed. It is for these reasons that we ask you NOT to make copies and especially NOT to distribute copies in any way. The best way to share it is to direct interested listeners to the website. Aside from standard copyright laws, these are Gioia's personal wishes. Putting the entire song on the site is merely a way of keeping her fans up-to-date and also allows her to get helpful feedback.

Report on Gioia's Y-100 Interview and Her Musical Direction

Gioia was interviewed on Wednesday Morning, March 29th, 2000, between 8:00-8:30 AM Eastern Standard Time, on radio station Y-100 FM in South Florida. She discussed a little about her past, her problems, and what she was doing now. The station played a track from her upcoming album, Going Going Gone, a song which can best be described as a dance song with a latin-tinged house style.

Also, In a recent post to the Exposé Epistle mailing list, Jina Dittle confirmed that Gioia's management has encouraged her to focus on Dance oriented material, since they feel that is Gioia's area of strength. Her new album will no longer have AC oriented songs like Love Can't Wait, and will instead have Dance and R&B based ballads.

Ann Curless does a Dance Single.

A dance music 12-inch and CD-Single has been released which features the lead vocals of Ann. Come To Me is a remake of a song originally sung by France Joli, and is produced by "JJ". The single is available for sale at Tower Records, at the following URL

Older News

"Test Pressing" of remixed Song by Ann Curless.

The following was reported in the Dance Column of the August 21st, 2000 issue of Billboard Magazine.

On Aug. 23, [Rampage Records] is scheduled to issue test pressings of Tiko Presents Dawn Tallman's "Be Encouraged" and Anne(sic) Curless' "Latest Unreleased Dubs," which finds the former Expose member injecting a new millennial flair into such gems as "Point of No Return" and "Lately".

No further information is available at this time, but as soon as I have some, I'll post it here.

Exposé on Where Are They Now, encore times

Encore Showtimes for Gioia's appearance on VH1's Where Are They Now continue to play periodically. If you really want the information quickly, consider signing up for VH1 schedule updates. See the VH1 website for more details.

Overall, the segment is very well done, and save for a few factual errors, it was a very nice and accurate treatment, both focusing on Exposé's past and their current projects.

VH1's website had a brief blurb on Exposé and Gioia on their web site. Here's what they have to say:


...Purveyors of a hot Latin-based pop sound, Expose hailed from Miami and although you couldn't pick their faces out of a crowd, their pop music was slicker than Don Johnson's hair. They had more top ten singles than any girl group since the Supremes, with "Seasons Change" a number one in 1987. Then Gioia Bruno left to be replaced by someone from Alaska. It wasn't the same. But, good God, where is she now? Is Gioia:

  1. A cruise ship director?
  2. An offal-sorter in an abattoir?
  3. Fronting her own band?


Befitting the trio who auditioned for producer Lewis Martinee, Expose were a revolving door of pretty faces at the mercy of any song or style their Svengali demanded. If there's little personality here, it's great production-line pop - boasting the salsa-fied stomp of "Point of No Return" and the marvellously titled "Your Baby Never Looked Good In Blue".

Needless to say, the album review was not the most flattering portrayal of the group--the review of Exposé is somewhat insulting in its implication, but Gioia has felt the VH1 people have been very nice, so we should take her word for it.

Exposé Master Hits released from Arista.

Arista has created a mid-priced release of most (but not all) of Exposé's best material. Called Master Hits, it is part of an Arista records product line called The Heritage Series, which is designed to feature several important tracks from the past. It should not be confused with the Greatest Hits disc. This disc contains more work from the third album (which was not on the Greatest Hits collection), and skips over big hits like Come Go With Me and What You Don't Know. My belief is that this is designed to act as a replacement for one or more prior albums that might be deleted in the future, although they probably will keep Greatest Hits in circulation as well since not all of the hits are included. Liner notes are kept to a minimum, and the 2 photos seem are taken from 1987-1989 period.

Here is the actual track list:

  1. Let Me Be The One
  2. Exposed to Love
  3. Seasons Change
  4. Point of No Return
  5. Tell Me Why
  6. When I Looked At Him
  7. Now That I Found You
  8. I Wish The Phone Would Ring
  9. As Long As I Can Dream
  10. In Walked Love
  11. I'll Never Get Over You Getting Over Me

Brand new song from Gioia up at

Gioia has released a track from her forthcoming album to members of The track is called Love Can't Wait, and can be found under the Gioia Bruno entry of, a web site dedicated to the digital distribution of music. It can be found here: (web site) (Gioia's song)

The song is in the new Microsoft format for downloadable music. To get this song, you must have a computer with Windows 95/98 installed with Internet Explorer 4 or 5. The song requires a beta version of the Windows Media Player. (Be advised that this is beta software, so if you are uncomfortable with it do not install. Also note that people who have WinAmp with the new support for the Microsoft format still need to have this new version of the Windows Media Player installed to successfully play the song using WinAmp) To get a copy of this player, go to the following Microsoft Page:

Once the player is downloaded, go to If you have never been there before, you will need to register your information before you can access the site.

Gioia Featured on

Gioia Bruno's music from the Wet album is now being featured on You might see her featured on the front page of The direct link to Gioia's feature is

A special version of the Wet CD is being sold via This is a special CD that contains both mp3 files as well as standard CD audio tracks. This CD retails for $5.99, and only contains 5 songs from the standard WET album, which are as follows:

You can also download two of the songs for free from, as well as get brief samples of them using RealAudio or Netshow.