The Expose' Epistle On-Line

Links and Other Contacts

Below is a list of web links and contact addresses that would be of interest to Exposé Fans.

Gioia Bruno's web site

Gioia's brand new web site. The site is being constructed right now, so a lot of features will be added, but currently you can preview some music that Gioia is preparing for her upcoming album.

The Official Web Site of Kelly Moneymaker

This Web Site is Kelly's Official Web Site. It apparently just went live a month or two ago. Kelly is selling her latest CD here, Like a Blackbird, and you can order it there. The site should be adding new features as time goes on.


This is the site of Diane Warren, one of the two primary Lyricists for Exposé. Those who are looking for some of the lyrics to Exposé's songs should consider purchasing them or asking for them from this company.

Laurie Miller's Web Site

Laurie Miller was one of the previous members of the 1985 incarnation of Exposé. She has her own production company, Xica Productions, and she has recently developed a site. People who are interested in this previous incarnation of Expose should check out this site, since she has several pictures and information on the past and her current projects.


The best web site on the Internet to purchase music. You can find all 4 Exposé CD's there, as well as compliation albums that they can appear on.

Vinyl Vendors

One of the best places to find the hard to get singles, vinyl editions, videos and other memorabilia. The site's content is constantly updated, and the company also has a mailing list and


The biggest and most popular on-line auction on the Internet, EBay has Exposé merchandise from time to time, including Video Exposure and other items.