The Expose' Epistle

Advocacy and Bookings.

Help Exposé with 2009 Bookings.

With the help of Del Phillips and Shannon Woodsmall, I want to send a message to the fans of Ann, Jeanette, and Gioia to help get more Exposé shows booked for next year. Exposé have perfomed at several concert venues throughout 2006-2008. We want to make sure they get even more interest in 2009.

We want to make sure that Exposé gets several bookings for 2009! Fan demand will help grow Exposé's concert appearances. We want to get a grassroots movement started, similar to what has happened politically this year.

Here's the first wave of gathering interest: Del and Shannon have compiled a list of the Gay Pride festivals around the country. Exposé have performed at many of these outlets and the reception to them has been very good at those venues. Since this is the concert booking season, we'd like to inform them of Exposé's success and how well they have performed at prior concert venues. On my site is an Excel Spreadsheet which contains a list of all the major Pride events around the country. If you can e-mail these venues and ask for them, it may help them get booked for the Spring and Summer of 2009.

Much of this coordination is starting on the Facebook page for Fans of 80s Group Exposé. If you choose not to go the facebook route, you can contact Del and Shannon at --AT-- (replace the AT with @ to e-mail).

We also have a template letter you can use when writing or e-mailing the people.

Dear Committee Decision Maker:

As I assume you are in the planning stages for next year's pride festivities, I'd like to take a moment of your time to provide a suggestion for next year.

If you remember anything about the 80s and its music, you surely remember Exposé. From dance hits like "Point of No Return" and "Come Go With Me" and "Let Me Be The One" to their recognizable ballads "Season's Change" and "I'll Never Get Over You (Getting Over Me)," Exposé is credited as one of the groups that pioneered the "freestyle" (or Miami sound) genre of dance in the late 80s and early 90s. They topped records previously held by the Beatles and the Supremes by having the most top 10 singles off of a debut album.

Exposé reunited in 2003 and has begun touring again. Among their recent performances, they were at the San Francisco Gay Pride Fest in 2007 and Chicago's Market Days Festival in the heart of "Boystown" in August 2008 to a HUGE crowd (estimated attendance at the festival is more than 500,000)! They even spent over an hour after the show signing autographs for fans. Check out some of the fan videos on YouTube:

I'm not far from your city and would love to see them at your festival next year. If you haven't yet considered your entertainment, please consider this group. There are a number of fans who travel to see them across the country and who would also come to yours if they were booked.

Please contact their touring manager, Stephen Fansler at 702-300-6760 or for booking information.

I really hope you will seriously consider them for your festival!


Additional waves we are considering include Rhythmic AC / Top 40 stations, and any concert venues we can think of. When we have gathered a good list I will post them.